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Found out in the middle of the day yesterday that the CDC I work for had the buildings ,both locations we lease sold out from under us. The board decided to close the centers instead of relocating. So Dec 31,2014 our center closes after being there more than 40 years. There are Grandparents that went there as children. Now the CDC that bought the building will be coming in next week to conduct staff and parent interviews.
I get to apply for the position I've held for 3 1/2 years to see if I can keep my job. My worry is the 20 or so other staff that are single income earners. We're more like family there and I kept having to tell others not to panic yet,  it's very sad that the director will no longer be there, but it would be nice to have benefits and better pay. I certainly don't plan to take a pay cut. May be time to move on but I will  wait and see .Updated my resume last night and will fill out their application later today.
I always said God would show me the time to go this may be it.
Yikes! I just bought a new car too, fortunate  for me the payments are lower than my old car.
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We think so.
I been so lazy about posting... missed so many birthdays. I always say I'll try to be better.
Starting with this!

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I don't normally hold with all the Friday the 13th stuff, but good grief how many things can go wrong in one day.
I was over ratio right from the beginning of the day but fortunately got a floater so not so bad really. Monday is moving day for a few of my kids which means I'll be getting new ones from the 2s class with all their stuff to be put in the cubbies. Many things to get done during naptime and not usually a problem. By 1:00 all my kids save two were snoozing nicely the one I was putting to sleep was just closing her pretty little eyes to nap when the fire alarm went off. Piercing screech to wake up the dead and 12 toddlers. Grabbed kids roster and coats and Tusi (my current TA) and I shuffled twelve half asleep and hysterical 2year olds out into the melting snowy playground.
Evidently the management were having some problem child running around and he pulled the fire alarm...Charming.
Nap-time a total not happening today event, after that and the rest of the day? No nap toddlers fighting crying screaming and resisting all attempts at calm and peace.
Thank God it was Friday.
Also, at my house 9 people an infant and a dog. I need a vacation.

ETA I also seem to have forgotten how to use commas...*g*
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I found out last week that I may have been exposed to active TB at work. I've been TB positive since I was a teenager so can't take a skin test, but was never offered any treatment. The Health dept says they always treat Latent TB cases... well evidently not.
Anyway they will probably give me the Isoniazid this time. Great more drugs with possible side effects.
Well, I survived cancer and chemo so I guess I'll get past this too. I had to get another chest xray and a temporary health card so I could go back to work Friday and have a followup appointment next month when I find out if I have to do the treatment,but I'll just settle on the fact I most likely will this time....phoooey...
I did post on this in my real life journal so if you had to read this twice I apologize.
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This is the cover art and end art piece for KathyS story Life Goes On written for [ profile] sentinelbigbang
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Since I have been spammed twice in the last week I am defaulting to friends only.
I also noticed my settings had changed and the Minimize my journal's inclusion in search engine results had been unticked.
You may want to go in and check your privacy setting to close off that gate to spammers
Oh yeah! The better news is I got rid of my Suburban troop transport and got a 2006 Buick Rainier! 3 year warranty and has everything but butt warmers as the grumpy guy calls them.Even seat adjustment and mirror memory.
When ever I find my card reader I'll upload pix. I am sooo happy, all the doors work and everything is pretty and shiny deep metal flake Garnet Red.

My last public post...sigh

Home Today

Sep. 23rd, 2011 04:06 pm
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After getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and spending 5 hours at the hospital for a outpatient procedure that took an hour I am home sans mediport!
I am gladly closing the book on this chapter of my life. I just wanted to send hugs to my f-list for being there with support and just plain being there this last year.
Love you all sooo much... and can you tell I am still a little under the influence here?*g*

Oh Man

Aug. 29th, 2011 12:22 pm
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It seems lately the only time I post is to apologize for missing birthdays. Home sick today so here we go..
                 Happy Birthday
to [ profile] lit_gal, [ profile] dreaming_k[ profile] kungfunurse   [ profile] marizilda[ profile] batagur ,[ profile] boogieshoes and anyone else who may had have a birthday in the past whenever I wasn't paying attention.
You all make my world better and you should know it!
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Had a job interview today and she made me an offer I can't refuse. Almost a dollar an hour more and no working holidays. Monday- Friday 40+ a week! Normal people hours 9:30-6:30! I hate leaving my pt job so much I'm gonna see if I can work a couple of Saturdays a month.Just not every single one like now and no more 3 Am shifts ;)
It's day child care but since that's my actual field, they'll pay for any extra education and I never pass up free education, I'm happy.
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[ profile] pattrose twisted my arm till I yelled uncle okay and ow.
Signed up as an artist for tada!

I must be outta my mind...
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~Very interesting couple of weeks around here. We've been tie dieing everything in sight, well a bunch of t shirts anyway. Lotsa fun and blue seems to get on the fingers regardless of gloves for some reason.
~We've been mainlining all 5 seasons of Angel. Now I need to find a couple of caps to make icons or whatever.
The cap I really want is from Smile Time as team Angel is going out to fight the puppet demons.
I think you know the one I mean...
If anyone knows where I can find one...Please?
~And \o/ Dr says all chemo finished around Labor Day!One year anniversary coming up and I'm still kicking and cancer free! I am blessed with a treatment that ends after a year and won't go on and on unless I have a recurrence. Not receiving that!
~ Think good thoughts cuz I'm also looking for a new job. Maybe in my own field of child know day care *snerk
Or Someplace closed on weekends and holidays where I don't have to get up at 2AM on Mondays (well except this one they scheduled me 9-3 just to screw up my July 4 plans)but can remain pretty active.
Okay hopefully this all makes up a little for being so absent from my lovely f-list,Icon coms and all.
I missed you even if you didn't miss me *lol*

SA Dues

Jun. 29th, 2011 04:59 pm
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Big honkin Image behind cut
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