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What a day!
-Appointment to get teeth scraped first thing in the AM results in headache all day.
-Two 14 year old boys jumping around like little girls and I get to rescue them from a spider on the sofa.
(manly men doncha know *uh huh)
-Mom, Dr appointment in afternoon, cataracts no worse so no surgery this year but some deterioration due to age.
You think? at 81? What a thing for a Dr to say.... Then we couldn't find the stool she uses to climb into my SUV. Fortunately she had another or I'd be pushing her up into it (let's not go there).
-Grocery shopping with my Mom ,oh boy.
-Move the sister-in-law. more oh boy, she moved just up the hill from us. Perfect.

All in all glad to see the end of that day.
Today gotta get my anti-hists so I can breathe and see but other than that, Whatever I want.
Almost makes days like yesterday worth it...almost.
Now if the Cotton Wood trees would practice a little abstinance in my airspace I would be one seriously happy camper.
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for 15 ! My car died at the grocery store yesterday ,I should have done the shopping for SUNDAY DINNER while I was waiting for help to is in my driveway now sans fuel-pump ,but the mechanic is working on it as we speak.I am doing laundry and cleaning today instead of tomorrow and I am so cool about all this I am sincerely beginning to doubt my mental health.
Oh well I'll panic Saturday night after dress rehearsal.
Our guest list grew this year only by three actually.
So I guess , I will be cooking Saturday,because I will be singing in two services starting at 8:30 Sunday morning.
We have friends and family that come to our house for Holiday dinners and I love entertaining , I really do, if I have time will post photos of whatever we decide to do.
Nothing like planning ahead right?
*15 for dinner geeze!
Why do we have 5 children again? Oh yeah cuz we didn't want 6!
I am home today....expect a LOT of memes

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