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I saw that on a bumper sticker and got to thinking ( a sometimes dangerous occupation).
Maybe instead of Doing Random Acts of Kindness we should just Be kind ?
When we are kind to everyone , it would then become a part of who we really are not just merely something we do.
I mean a person can do a kind deed without actually being kind.It then becomes something done for the self and not the other.
How many do kind deeds for the pat on the back or their own selfish reasons.Doesn't really take anything away from the deed its' self or the recipient, but what does it really do for the doer of said deed? Does it make them a better person? Maybe, then maybe not.
I would think a lot more people would benefit from kindness if it were a way of life not a once in a while Random Act.
Because everyone knows, acting is not being.

Okay we all know what we mean to say and what is sometimes perceived are two separate things.
What do you think? Am I way off base here. Is there something I am not understanding about this saying?

*I mean if the whole thing is supposed to make me want me to pay their toll wouldn't it be better to put it on the front of the car since I'd have to go first?*

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