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5th-Apr-2011 03:18 pm - Dear Live Journal
aerianya: (flying  monkeys)
Your intermittent service is making me feel quite stabby today and that is saying something as I am very even tempered and forgiving (stop that cackling!).
Although it may be, that having my port missed twice today by new nurse resulting in a one inch needle plunged into my chest (twice well, three times if you count the actual access) may have made me a little less patient with you and your hacker problems than usual.
But still who or what ever is responsible, CUT IT OUT!

Also, I have DW invites.
That is all...Well for now.
2nd-Apr-2009 01:27 pm - LJ WTH?
aerianya: (in a handbasket)
Why are there no notifications, or very few anyway?
27th-Sep-2007 03:16 pm - Dead Layouts......
aerianya: (angry wizard)
Oh man. I use the same layout for my journal and my comm and for some reason (probably something to do with the new stuff) they both quit working aaack!
But on another note the beta customization thingy is pretty cool.
Now *hm do I wait it out or look for new layouts?
How do you put a header on an existing layout anyway?

ETA: Dead layouts(S2 errors) are being caused by new customization Beta.
They're "Working on it"
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