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So, I got dragged out of bed by a phone call from daughter "Mom? Can you give me a ride to work? I'm coming back home. My car is all over the place" Me thinking Didn't I warn you about this last week? But out loud I say, "Okay, but I've got to dress and warm up the car"
Phone rings again I have visions of girlie wrapped around pole or something.... it's a credit card company wanting to give me debt cancellation coverage, I point starter out window to start car while pulling on pants and trying to find my jacket phone wedged on my shoulder and try to get this woman off the phone by squeezing words in edgewise.

Finally get her off the phone by telling her again I have to ride to the rescue (okay a little obfuscation) she won't stop till I tell her for the fifth time I'm not interested.
Drive girl to work, no traffic the way we're going. But, I have to come back in bumper to bumper due to construction and getting out before gravel trucks.
I take a different way back and the traffic isn't bad, but then it's decision time. The back way with big slippery hills or main street with backed up traffic... the decision is made for me by empty right hand turning lane so I slip through. On the way I hit a snow covered pot hole and Suburban Troop Transport decides to fishtail, I steer into the skid a couple of times back and forth and Lo straighten out in through roundabout, to the next to last street home.
A Main street. Takes only three or so lights to get through not too bad, then into the really backed up traffic I saw on the way out. I find a moving van is stuck at the top of the hill going down to my street (fortunately not my lane) trying to get to where the gravel has been thrown. acck!
I get to my turn, left of course and wait for the light. As I sit there looking at my house wishing I was in there instead of out here. A Trail Blazer gets stuck on the ice trying to turn right onto the street (our street is slightly uphill to the main street , uphill if you turn right and down turning left,I had just turned there not so long ago but people will spin their tires and then it's slippery for the next vehicle. Cars and school buses are backed up three blocks, fortunately I live in the right hand side coming in so no problem, just try not to slide into girlie s little white Mazda.
I saw a lot a SUVs driving sideways this morning, well me too actually.
Seems winter has arrived a little early this year.....Lovely.

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