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22nd-Apr-2017 09:15 am - Uploading from LJ Again
aerianya: (Default)
Just realized it's been a veerrry long time since I uploaded my lj content.
Looking around for everyone. Dusting everything off.
Gonna start posting here again too.I hope...
Hello Friends!
24th-Apr-2006 10:07 pm - Fur Rondevous
aerianya: (Raven Moon)
Here is a site with slide shows of some of the crazy things we get up to in the winter.
Fur Rondy is celebrated in Feb it's cold then....It goes back to the times when the trappers came in with furs to trade.
This site has a slide show of The World Championship Sled dog race.This race takes place in Anchorage a few week before the Iditarod starts here.This year not enough snow.
You have to click on them fast to enlarge.
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