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22nd-Dec-2009 11:19 am - My Beautiful F-List!
aerianya: (Default)
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes and greetings. I had a beautifully quiet day spent with my grumpy guy, chinese food, lovely snowfall and a kid's play that just blessed my heart. Not a correctly recited line in the whole thing, perfect.**
It was a little sad without Mom but all in all mostly because of you very warm and nice.
Thank You.


Since I've been a little busy with work and trying to get my house decorated and in order (yikes!) for Christmas, I didn't make any musical Christmas cards or post the lighting of the Advent candles this year, so you're stuck with one from last year. One ofmy favorite Christmas songs anyway, just disregard the misspelled name on the last frame*snerk.
Merry Christmas!

* Caught on video, One little boy dressed as a shepherd asked another boy dressed as a cow "What are you?" "A cow" "Oh, I thought you were Winnie the Pooh"
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