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Jan. 3rd, 2015 03:23 pm
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Seems a lot of misinformation was given us from former director. When I talked to the new Director ,she had offered me my same wage and a monthly bonus to stay! Actually she asked the former director to tell me and she lied, saying I would be dropped to basic new hire CDA pay.
The other center  where I applied is really a daycare not a early learning school. So.. I'm staying in the environment I created and with most of my class intact. and no stupid tee shirts!  We lost eight good people over pettiness and bad feelings and that make me really sad, but I did tell most of them they should wait and find out for sure what the reality of the situation is before burning their bridges. The new school is really trying to reach out and bring them back but some have more loyalty to the former director than the actual center, children and their families.
I have to call the other center to tell them that I'm staying, but really I told them right up front I didn't have enough info to make any real decisions and wouldn't be available till the end of the month anyway. I'll keep my options open. The real point of leaving for me came when one of the teachers (who doesn't stay in her class and is really abrasive,foul mouthed and bossy) went around Friday announcing to everyone that she is part of the new management team.Yikes! Bye Y'all .
When the new director wanted to talk to me about everything one on one Friday (mostly because I'm one of the remaining longer term teachers) I point blank asked her about it, because I hadn't yet said I was staying (and didn't plan to if this was true). She said no she is the front desk floater, there to help the manager on a  probationary basis. There was a staff meeting last night where she set everyone straight about the management positions and said she is bringing in a manager from the other center to assist in the meantime. Didn't go over well for one person and she called the manager to tell her she wouldn't be coming in Monday! Who then calls me in a panic about what we are going to do.
I said we'd do what we've always done when people walk out ...we go on and take care of business. We may work 10 hour days with 15 minute lunches for a while but  we will make it. Took me twenty minutes to calm her down, but in the end I reminded her, this person said she wouldn't be in Friday, and Friday morning comes around ,she came and in told everyone she was going to another center for orientation. Then proceeded to stay and tell everyone she was management.
I think she'll be there Monday and if not, I'm pretty sure we'll survive.
oh the drama!

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