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4th-Sep-2006 05:36 pm - More State Fair Photos
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Native Dancing group. Lovely mix of different clans and tribes.Can't remember them all from the fathers dance, this is where they call out the father's tribe or clan and people from that stand and dance with them. They called everyone before it was all over.
The little bitty kids stole the show. There were other dance groups too, this was just the most colorful. Again we had to be very picky with no memory card.

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27th-Apr-2006 10:05 am - St Thomas USVI
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The required "Hillside pullover shot"

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24th-Apr-2006 01:41 pm - Platform Diver
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1st-Apr-2006 12:20 pm - Lovely Old Tree
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31st-Mar-2006 01:49 pm - More Picture Spam
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