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10th-Jun-2017 07:38 am - Tme for A Change?
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I may have inadvertently applied for a position at an Early Head Start Center. Got a call for an interview for this next week. Better pay, possible benefits , people who spend money on the kids instead of lining their pockets? A center that advocates for the families instead of an us vs them mentality?
Scary though, I don't like changing places of employment. I love change but not really that...
On a another note I think we're gonna see Pirates 5 tonight\o/!
22nd-Apr-2017 11:05 pm - Sentinel Gallery
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22nd-Apr-2017 11:59 am - SG1 And SG/Atlantis Gallery Two
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22nd-Apr-2017 11:56 am - Torchwood Icon Gallery
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22nd-Apr-2017 10:37 am - Whoo Hoo!
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My icon galleries made it intact! \o/
Well mostly, a couple broken links but that way at lj too. I'll fix that later but yea!
22nd-Apr-2017 09:15 am - Uploading from LJ Again
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Just realized it's been a veerrry long time since I uploaded my lj content.
Looking around for everyone. Dusting everything off.
Gonna start posting here again too.I hope...
Hello Friends!
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Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night (well 1:30) to an earthquake. Nothing even fell off a shelf at my house but then this ain't my first rodeo. LOL
Plenty of howling dogs and screaming babies though and no electricity for about 3 hours. Hard to get back to sleep after that and...
After shocks about every 30-60 minutes don't really even feel those any more.
29th-Apr-2015 05:17 pm - Amazing what happens
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When you're stuck in bed for a few days with pneumonia watching movies.Found a new favorite!
I should make icons...
29th-Mar-2015 11:08 am - Gotta Love 'Em
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liar liar
28th-Mar-2015 12:29 pm - Anniversary Yesterday
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 Yesterday Marked the 51 year anniversary of the Good Friday Earthquake.
Our new Governor has named March 27, 2015 “1964 Alaskan Earthquake Remembrance Day.”
I was pretty young but I still remember that day! Probably  the scariest 5 minutes of my life at the time.
I haven't figured out a way to embed this so if you are interested in this little piece  of Alaskan history here's a link hope it works...
 We were actually watching the tv show they mentioned.
13th-Mar-2015 07:05 pm - Saw this on FB Girandola Firework
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Nice to know it's good for something

12th-Mar-2015 08:43 pm - Awesome
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3rd-Jan-2015 03:23 pm - Work Update
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Seems a lot of misinformation was given us from former director. When I talked to the new Director ,she had offered me my same wage and a monthly bonus to stay! Actually she asked the former director to tell me and she lied, saying I would be dropped to basic new hire CDA pay.
The other center  where I applied is really a daycare not a early learning school. So.. I'm staying in the environment I created and with most of my class intact. and no stupid tee shirts!  We lost eight good people over pettiness and bad feelings and that make me really sad, but I did tell most of them they should wait and find out for sure what the reality of the situation is before burning their bridges. The new school is really trying to reach out and bring them back but some have more loyalty to the former director than the actual center, children and their families.
I have to call the other center to tell them that I'm staying, but really I told them right up front I didn't have enough info to make any real decisions and wouldn't be available till the end of the month anyway. I'll keep my options open. The real point of leaving for me came when one of the teachers (who doesn't stay in her class and is really abrasive,foul mouthed and bossy) went around Friday announcing to everyone that she is part of the new management team.Yikes! Bye Y'all .
When the new director wanted to talk to me about everything one on one Friday (mostly because I'm one of the remaining longer term teachers) I point blank asked her about it, because I hadn't yet said I was staying (and didn't plan to if this was true). She said no she is the front desk floater, there to help the manager on a  probationary basis. There was a staff meeting last night where she set everyone straight about the management positions and said she is bringing in a manager from the other center to assist in the meantime. Didn't go over well for one person and she called the manager to tell her she wouldn't be coming in Monday! Who then calls me in a panic about what we are going to do.
I said we'd do what we've always done when people walk out ...we go on and take care of business. We may work 10 hour days with 15 minute lunches for a while but  we will make it. Took me twenty minutes to calm her down, but in the end I reminded her, this person said she wouldn't be in Friday, and Friday morning comes around ,she came and in told everyone she was going to another center for orientation. Then proceeded to stay and tell everyone she was management.
I think she'll be there Monday and if not, I'm pretty sure we'll survive.
oh the drama!
31st-Dec-2014 11:34 pm - Happy New Year!
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My sis-in-law and I went downtown to the Fire and Ice festival (more like Fire and slush since it was 40 degrees go figure) while our hubbies saved the SWOR universe. We had huge hamburgers at the Hard Rock Cafe then mosied our way to the City square where there was much merriment and music (mostly reggae) in the rain...in December...in Alaska!
We were right across the street from where the fireworks were fired off and it was glorious! Loud,shiny,everything I had forgotten after so many years of staying home and missing out. I forgot what a big kid I am about fireworks, even some I had never seen before, lasted for 15 minutes and not just a flash here and there one at a time shots either, it was like machine gun fire!
We came home stuffed, wet, cold and very happy before 9 pm. We even made a date for next year unless the temps plunge to below 0.
I really have to get out more.
20th-Dec-2014 11:11 am - Yikes! and Now whats
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As you may or may not have seen in my work post, our Child Development Center is closing as another cdc bought the buildings.So I filled out the application I was given, updated my resume and turned it all over with the release so they could get my finger print report, background check, last pay stub and whatever they wanted or needed from my files.
The lady from the other center came in Wednesday to conduct interviews with the permission of our director and was very nice.She  said that they want to keep as much staff as would stay, but remember new company, think of ourselves as new hires that all goes without saying, but was VERY vague on pay.
So that night after our tear filled last staff meeting, I submitted an application on line to another center.
The next day the other center called me at work to set up an interview.  (Seems one of our managers is going back there.)  I made an appointment for the 26th to go to the other center for an interview.  In the mean time I got an offer from the new cdc taking over for $1 an hour less than I make now (that's what they pay their cdas), but they pay $100 bonuses to the leads every month... this all comes with a 3 month probationary "training" period. So are they just using us to start up the new center because they can't man it  until they can replace us all with their lower paid employees or do they really want us? They seem genuine enough that I plan on staying, but now I have this interview next Friday.
I'm really conflicted because ultimately it's about the kids and the families many of which we're losing because the new center won't take part time children, so these families have less than two weeks notice to find childcare by the 2nd. I really don't want to leave my friends at the center  (more like family) and the kids but it seems so heartless the way this is being handled. I have a hard time understanding why they couldn't accommodate these families for a couple of months till they could place their children some place else .
I have some real soul searching to do over the holidays. I know the center where I applied will at least meet or exceed my present pay, but my children will need support during this transition. I told the other center I wouldn't be available till  after the 20th of January .
So there's the now what.
On the other hand Merry Christmas at least we have some choices!

19th-Dec-2014 06:13 pm - Christmas Post 10
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15th-Dec-2014 05:47 pm - Christmas Post 8
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13th-Dec-2014 08:50 am - Well Merry Christmas to Us
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Found out in the middle of the day yesterday that the CDC I work for had the buildings ,both locations we lease sold out from under us. The board decided to close the centers instead of relocating. So Dec 31,2014 our center closes after being there more than 40 years. There are Grandparents that went there as children. Now the CDC that bought the building will be coming in next week to conduct staff and parent interviews.
I get to apply for the position I've held for 3 1/2 years to see if I can keep my job. My worry is the 20 or so other staff that are single income earners. We're more like family there and I kept having to tell others not to panic yet,  it's very sad that the director will no longer be there, but it would be nice to have benefits and better pay. I certainly don't plan to take a pay cut. May be time to move on but I will  wait and see .Updated my resume last night and will fill out their application later today.
I always said God would show me the time to go this may be it.
Yikes! I just bought a new car too, fortunate  for me the payments are lower than my old car.
13th-Dec-2014 08:20 am - Christmas Post 6
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